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"John Baines saved more than £2,000," Financial Mail

The following is an extract from an article which appeared in the Financial Mail (part of the Mail on Sunday):

"John Baines saved his elderly mother more than £2,000 selling her home on the internet instead of through an estate agent.

Surfing the net in search of property traders, he found HouseWeb which placed details of the detached property on its website after he paid a £40 one-off fee.

His mother Margaret, who is in her sixties, decided to move because her home in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, was too big for her. But she failed to find a buyer through a local estate agent.

After she took it off the market last year, John, 38, a painter and decorator who lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, turned to the net and found buyer willing to £135,000 asking price.

The house details were put on the website at the end of last year, attracting half a dozen enquiries.

John says:"Having got an idea of the asking price from previous valuations, we realised the money could be saved using the web, cutting out the expensive estate agent".

"All I had to do was measure the rooms and take a nice picture of the house."

Estate agents typically charge £2,000 for the sale of a £100,000 property.

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