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"I can’t even begin to tell you how many enquiries we got - it was unbelievable!"

Colette Van Der Pluym used HouseWeb to sell her £151,000 flat in Epsom, Surrey. Here’s what she told us:

“Initially, we appointed with an estate agent who failed sell our property. At that point we thought we should try selling ourselves but in the end, we signed up to another estate agent, which turned out to be a big struggle. We were strung and strung along, and after only two viewings in eight months we almost gave up. The estate agents had said that there was no interest in the property and that people were not looking so much any more.

Then we discovered HouseWeb.

It was absolutely fantastic! Advertising our property was really straight forward and we ordered a Virtual Tour which was excellent value for money.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many enquiries we got - it was unbelievable! They just kept coming and coming. We had so many offers on the property that we had buyers trying to gazump each other on four occasions. We decide to still sell the house to the person whose offer we initially accepted as we felt this was fair.

From putting our property on HouseWeb to signing contracts took only five weeks!

I would recommend the Virtual Tour to everyone. It's such an advantage as everyone who came to see the property knew exactly what to expect and they were all very serious buyers - no time wasters at all.

Also having direct contact with the buyer is a huge advantage. It actually speeds up the process and if any issues crop up you simply get on the phone and discuss them together. With agents it takes twice a long and you waste days and days trying to communicate through them. And you never know if what you are saying is being relayed to the buyer and vice versa!

On top of all this, we saved thousand of pounds in commissions doing it ourselves. I now go out of my way to tell people about HouseWeb! It's the only way to sell your house.”

Colette Van Der Pluym, Epsom, Surrey

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