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Having just sold my house through HouseWeb, for the full asking price, I am absolutely delighted!”
Howard Scannell from London told us how he sold without the "help of an Estate Agent.

“When I decided to put the house on the market I wanted to use an estate agent rather than having the hassle of trying to sell it myself.  There were several reasons behind that decision.  First, I was not living in the property, second it is about 45 minutes  away from my home and work and third, I have a young family which takes up a lot of my spare time.

So I set up three appointments with the best of the local estate agents. As part of the interview process,  I showed them round the house and asked each of them to sell it to me as if I was a buyer. I was appalled at how bad they were!  One of them even refused to do it!. 

And the cost of this so-called service was a 'best offer' of 'only' 1% commission (+VAT), equating to around £5000.  That's the equivalent of 2 months wages!

At that point I realised that I could do a better job myself and save myself a chunk of cash at the same time. With a bit of research on Google I came across HouseWeb, which looked like a professional setup, and offered a good choice of adverts. So, I decided, it would be worth the inevitable hassle of selling it myself. What I hadn’t realised is,  it’s actually a myth that estate agents take the hassle out of the process. The reality was that I showed four sets of prospective buyers round the house, pointing out what I thought were its selling points. All of them were genuinely interested and two of them made offers. Hardly a lot of hassle! And quite enjoyable actually!

The other common myth is that estate agents will get you a higher price for your property. The reality in my case was that they all wanted to put the house on the market at the lower end of their 'achievable' price range (makes it easier for them to sell and get their commission!).  At the end, I sold it for the top figure that the three estate agents gave me.

So I can honestly say that my experience of DIY house selling was something that I would recommend to anyone thinking of moving house. HouseWeb is a great site to advertise on and the whole process of  setting up the advert is straight forward”.

The package we used was the Deluxe with a For Sale Board.

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