HouseWeb Testimonials

“We plan to sell another property next year using HouseWeb!" 
Christopher Tozer told us how important it was to spend some time making the house look its best in the advert……  

“It took us  a while to sell our house through HouseWeb, but that was mainly due to the poor pictures we used initially. Once we redecorated the property and changed the photos, we were inundated with responses. It’s well worth getting some really nice pictures, decorating, doing the garden, painting the outside of the house. The photos sell the property on the internet. I’d had no reservations about selling privately, even though we hadn’t done it before, but I was very surprised with the overall response to the advert – it was staggering!. 

I found HouseWeb through Google and I’m glad I did -  We had just sold two other houses using agents and it we found the process a lot more stressful. They did not provide a service in any way, while selling privately, we were able to vet the viewers ourselves and weed out the time wasters. The HouseWeb “For Sale Board” which we bought with the advert was also very useful in generating enquiries. 

I would say to anyone about to put their property on the market ‘Do not use an estate agent. They are over priced and they provide no service whatsoever’. Use the web instead - I would never use an agent again and we plan to sell another property next year using HouseWeb.

My  hints or tips to pass on to people who are thinking of selling their house…

  • Don't be worried about using the internet, be more concerned about using an agent!
  • Be honest with enquiries - don't waste people's time by exaggerating your property. 
  • Ask the potential buyer about their circumstances, don't waste time with people who are just on a day out with nothing else to do but waste your time.

Be patient, it takes time for all the search engines to pick up your property”

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