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“An experience I will always have pleasant memories of, and whenever I sell, I will be back to HouseWeb!" 
Mr   Harvey told us how his first experience of DIY house selling wouldn’t be his last!

“This was the first time we sold privately but from the outset I had no reservations. I can do as good a job, if not better, than the so-called professionals, who care more about the fee than about their clients and are nothing but a hindrance from the moment a purchaser is found. 

I decided to use HouseWeb after I read an article in ‘Which magazine’ where HouseWeb was highly recommended. Moreover, research of other companies revealed that HouseWeb seemed to provide a better, more professional service. Putting the advert together was, with HouseWeb’s quick, professional attitude and assistance both by e-mail and phone, a DODDLE! 

The third person to view made an offer on the evening they viewed the house. A grand total of fourteen different people contacted me over a period of four months.  

I had several estate agents value the property varying from £148,000 to £152,000. As the property sold for £150,000 it achieved the average, which did not surprise me as I had been watching the market for some time. I suppose I approached the agents for reassurance more than anything else and to check out their outlandish fees! I haven’t worked it out exactly, but I guess we saved between £1,520 & £1,900. 

Considering the increase in house prices, I cannot see how the agents can justify the same percentage as a fee. Over the past three years in some areas their fee has in effect trebled. Who else has achieved that growth over the same period?

My tips for selling property……

  • The universal rule is ‘The more you put in, the more you get out’.
  • Be yourself, be approachable but don’t get in the way.
  • Do not waste your time or money on estate agents! The sooner the private market reaches a critical mass nationally the better. The extinction of estate agents is not too far off.
  • It is far better to take a hands on approach and do it yourself. No to-ing & fro-ing in a game of Chinese whispers

I would  like to thank HouseWeb for their help and personal service. It is an experience I will always have pleasant memories of, and whenever I sell I will be back!”

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