HouseWeb Testimonials

”We sold on HouseWeb in 6 weeks, saved £2600 in fees and endured less stress!”
Mr. Monworth from Hertfordshire told us about selling his home after retirement. 

 “I had retired and wanted to sell my house, so after poor service from estate agents, we decided to have a go at selling privately as we felt we could do better ourselves. We didn’t have any concerns about it. We came across HouseWeb in a newspaper article where they were given a very positive review and set up an advert on the site, which was straightforward to do. 

An agent valued the house and we sold it on HouseWeb in about 6 weeks for very near the valuation. After our experience of selling privately I would always advise people to try HouseWeb first before even before considering using an agent. We saved £2600 in fees and endured less stress.

My Summary…..

  • It’s an easy to use service.
  • Completing the advert was pretty straightforward.
  • It was great dealing direct with the buyer during conveyancing
  • More people should try this way of selling!”


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