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“We sold within a week! Offer accepted within 8 days!”
Paul Meadows told us how easy he found it to sell privately….. 

“We needed to sell our property as my partner and I wanted to buy a house together and set up a future home for our family! It was the first time we had sold privately but we had no reservations whatsoever as my parents did it many years ago. 

As soon as I decided to put the house on the market I knew that I could do it myself and discovered HouseWeb by word of mouth, I liked the fact that the website was easy to use and pleasing to look at. It was simple to navigate and the ‘help’ function and users guides were brilliant.
We got three valuations from estate agents and pitched our price slightly below the highest valuation. We sold within a week! Offer accepted within 8 days! We felt that we got exactly what the property was worth. Plus, whatever price we agreed was all ours, no agent fees! We saved at least £2,500.

If anybody asked me if they should use an agent I would say DON’T! It really is money for old rope! Who knows your house best? And in any case they want to get a sale, and would rather some commission rather than none! All they do is add to the stress and confusion and charge for it!!!!
My advice to anyone thinking of selling privately would be – 

  • Scan Internet sites and the local papers so that you get a feel for the market and price for similar properties.
  • Get 3 quotes from the agents (it’s free), as this will help you market the property at the right price.
  • Don’t give up, this really works. All you need to do is invest less than £200 and about a day’s work to put an ad together; and with the help from HouseWeb this couldn’t be easier. 
The customer service from HouseWeb is fantastic! I’ve actually enjoyed selling my own property; it was nice not having an interfering agent involved. Both the purchaser and myself knew exactly what went on at all times. It really is a simple process.”

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