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“The fee of £158,99 inclusive of the For Sale Board made a lot of sense, so it was a case of WHY NOT!" 
Brian Travers from Bexley told us about his move to France.

“I made the decision to move house in the summer when my youngest son advised me that he would be buying his own place with his girlfriend. My house had 5 bedrooms and is far too large for me. 

Originally I selected an Estate Agent I had used twenty years ago, as being the fastest way to sell my newly refurbished house. My plan was to move to France to be near my sister who has lived in Brittany for fifteen years. I knew that house prices there are half what they are in this country and I could then be mortgage free.  

An old customer of mine at work recommended HouseWeb, as she had been successful in selling her house privately through your site. It was comforting to know personally of someone who had been successful in selling using HouseWeb. 

As I had not had a single viewing in six weeks through the agent and this was the middle of summer, I went home, found the website and downloaded the guide on selling privately which I read thoroughly. I found the site straightforward to use and, using my scanner, it was easy to upload the pictures I wanted on the site. The fee of £158.99 inclusive of the advertising board made a lot of sense, so it was a case of “why not?” 

About two weeks after I placed my advert with HouseWeb, I received my first phone call from a family who came straight round.  

On November 12th they knocked on my door, and told me they had just sold their own property and would I take a lower offer. My agents at the time, were working on a commission of 2% for sole agency and 2.95% for multi agency, which would mean over £9,600!! .Sole agency would still have me cost me £6486. Realising that using HouseWeb gave me a considerable saving, I dropped my price to £273,000 and we finally agreed.  

I think that the majority of people now use the Internet to browse rather than walk into Estate Agents office on the high street. Sites such as EBay are noting a huge increase in business which shows the public are getting more and more used to doing their buying and selling via the internet. 

I had two contacts through the HouseWeb advert, which sold my property. People who take the trouble to ring you direct and make their own appointment tend to be genuine, as opposed to the browsers who just pop into their local agent to see what is about.  

I have no hesitation in recommending HouseWeb for selling property.”

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