HouseWeb Testimonials

"Estate agents wanted nearly £3,000 to sell my flat - I paid HouseWeb £160!"
Karen  Rodgers from Buckinghamshire told us how a For Sale Board generated extra interest….

“This was the first time I had ever sold a property, and I had always wanted to try and sell privately. I didn't have any reservations about it - I thought I could do it just as well as an estate agent. And I was right – despite being a first time seller, I found the whole process extremely easy. The estate agents wanted nearly £3,000 to sell my flat - I paid HouseWeb £160! 

I saw an article on private sales in one of the Sunday papers, which featured HouseWeb. I was re-locating with my job and had no chain, so thought I would give them a try. I valued my property myself based on what other flats in my road were selling for. 

The site was very easy to use – I chose the Deluxe package with a For Sale Board and had a buyer 5 weeks after putting the board up! The flat was on a main thoroughfare, in a location where there were about 80 flats, so many people said they saw the board as they drove past. It was in an ideal location for local people to see and as it was a first time buyer's property there was a lot of interest. 

For me, the board was definitely the clincher, due to the situation of my property.”


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