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“The house was sold within 8 days of the 'For Sale' board going up!” 
Paul Meadows, from Northampton told us about his move to a bigger house in the country….

“It was  the first time I'd been involved in selling a house, but  as soon as we decided to move I thought of doing it myself as my parents have never used an estate agent. I had no reservations at all, especially after coming across HouseWeb. A colleague at work saw that his neighbour was selling via HouseWeb and passed on the details to me as I'd said I wanted to try and sell the house myself.  

We had three estate agent valuations and  priced the house on the average one. The house was sold within 8 days of the 'For Sale' board going up! We're very happy as all the money that was negotiated is ours - we don't owe any of it to an estate agent. I estimate a £3,000 saving!  

I would urge anyone thinking of using an agent to think about what they actually do (read: don't do) for the money. We were shocked by the amount they charge and what they claim to do for you. Why pay them thousands of pounds for this when you can do it yourself for a little time. It  probably took me half a day to take pictures, measure my rooms and write up the advert. Plus, it  was less stressful than using an agent as I was in control of the sale of the house and the negotiations that followed. 

My hints and tips for a successful private sale…. 

  • Get valuations from estate agents as this will ensure your house is priced to sell.
  • Make your house presentable and do a bit of your own marketing - adverts in local shops and work intranets (we lived on a cul-de-sac, so put an additional sign on a lamp post pointing people down our street!). 
  • Use the HouseWeb contact details on any adverts so that people get the full impact of your property. 
  • If you’re selling the house yourself do what we did; ask people to bring a form of ID and a recent utility bill as proof of ID. At least then you know who's stood at your door!

The customer service and support from HouseWeb is excellent, we highly recommend them and will use them in future if and when we decide to sell again.”

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