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“We sold both our houses at once and saved £6225”
Andy Wilson
from Lincoln told us how easy he found it to sell two properties simultaneously… 

I am widowed and have two children living with me. My new partner also has two children, and we wanted to bring the two families to live together in a larger house. We sold both of our properties simultaneously through HouseWeb. I’m a Company Director and Mortgage Consultant, so have daily contact with estate agents on a professional basis, and thought I would be able to handle selling the two properties as well as they could, which proved to be the case.

I chose HouseWeb because someone I know had seen one of their  For Sale board signs locally,  looked at the site and recommended them to me. Doing the advert was quick and easy. There was plenty of guidance online, and HouseWeb Customer Services proved very helpful by e-mail and phone. 

Tina sold in four months from start to finish for £117,500 and  I sold for £230,000. With fees in Lincoln averaging 1.75% of the sale price,  after advertising costs we saved a grand total of £6225 between us.
I would advise anyone thinking of using an agent to consider the cost saving and what is involved. For anyone with a degree of common sense and confidence then HouseWeb will work.

There are lots of things you can do to help your private sale go smoothly.. 

  • Get as much furniture out of the house as possible, and lighten the place up. Have all of the lights on when viewers visit. 
  • Go to a new build site and look around the showrooms - why do their houses look nice? Because they have lots of mirrors reflecting light, furniture that fits the room even if the layout is impractical in real life (e.g. no televisions in rooms!), doors removed  to create larger areas than are actually there and light carpets throughout. I replaced all of my carpets in a 4 bedroomed bungalow for about £1500 before going on the market  using a light coloured carpet  throughout - I am sure this helped the sale. 
  • Get hold of some agents brochures for homes like yours before trying to write the description. Use similar phrases and  avoid personalising the description too much  - buyers need to know what is there for them, not what you think of it.

I am looking to sell an apartment in Lincoln shortly and will certainly consider using HouseWeb again.”


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