HouseWeb Testimonials

"i came across HouseWeb and I liked the look of the site!"
Joanne Hammond from the West Midland

“We are emigrating and needed to sell - we left enough time to do this ourselves and save the estate agents fees. 

We had sold privately a French house before but that was through pure luck and meeting someone on a beach who was looking for a house!   

We did not considered using an agent though we did get two round for a valuation and both gave the same - a high and a low price to expect. We thought that if we had not had an acceptable offer after a couple of weeks, we would think again about going with an estate agent. In the end that wasn't necessary!.

I had looked on the Internet before, searching for houses for sale privately, came across HouseWeb and liked the look of the site. So, we put the advert on HouseWeb sometime in June 2006 and accepted an offer late July saving us in the region of £4000.

If someone were to tell me they were thinking of using an estate agent I would say, “Don't - they are a waste of money!” I preferred selling privately, to using an agent, as I was in control at all time and felt no third party was interfering – “You have your own best interests at heart rather than that of hundreds of other homeowners.” 

One piece of advice I would give is to ensure that you negotiate offers via email as it makes it less personal and it's easier to turn down poor offers on a computer rather than face to face.”

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