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"We saw a write up of HouseWeb in the Mail on Sunday and thought why not give it a go!"
Jason Frost from Horsham told us about re-locating to be nearer to his family.

“We had been with an agent and were very unhappy with the service we received, so we talked them into letting us change to a multi agency agreement.  We then appointed a second agent. We then saw a write up of HouseWeb in The Mail on Sunday and thought “why not give it a go”.  For a relatively small cost we really didn't feel we had much to lose.

The review in the Mail on Sunday  was the reason why we chose HouseWeb, but also compared to other sites they seemed to put the advertisements out to more property search websites, we therefore felt that the more coverage the better.

The process of selling privately was very much less stressful than using an estate agent. We bought our new house through an agent at the same time, and that seemed far more stressful due to the estate agent 'meddling'. The Buyer first called us about 10 days after the advert  was live on HouseWeb. We sold for the full asking price and saved £7,800 in Estate Agent fees.

My advice to anyone selling a property would be to avoid Estate Agents if you possibly can. Give as much information in your advert and ensure you take the best pictures you can. We waited for a sunny day before taking external shots and it was worth the wait.

Estate agents tend to push people into viewing properties when they aren't really suitable, so using HouseWeb, you may not get as many people to view your house, but you can be sure that the people that come are genuinely interested after making their own informed decision.”


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