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"Estate agents fees are exorbitant - we saved about 8,000! 
Ken Sunshine from Beaconsfield told us about his experience of selling privately... 

"We wanted to move house to be near our daughter and grandchildren. We had sold privately before, so always intended to do so again if possible.  Why?  Because I think estate agents fees are exorbitant - it is disgraceful that charges are percentage based.  There is no way that 8,000+ can be justified for the amount of work an agent actually does.

Having decided to go it alone, I discovered HouseWeb and the advert proved very straightforward to put together. We had the house valued by an agent and sold for about 40,000 more, although the valuation had been made about 3 months earlier. 
We sold very quickly - within about a month and I estimate we saved about 8,000 compared to using an agent.  

I would advise anyone to try selling without an agent and to try the web.  Also, use a For Sale Board.

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