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“How could we sell our house for £158.99?  But we did and we are very glad we found HouseWeb” 
Keith Harris
, Cardiff

We have two young daughters and were primarily moving to live in the catchment area where we feel the schools are of a slightly higher standard. We also wanted a larger garden for them to play in as they grow up.  We had advertised with a local estate agent about two years ago and had agreed a sale which fell through.  We had waited about six months for an offer in the first place and when it all fell through we were quite fed up of it!  Since then we were never really settled in the old house and as a result became more anxious to move out and purchase a proper ‘family’ home.

This was the first time we had sold privately - in fact it was the first time we had sold a property - as we bought our previous home as first time buyers. As house prices rose, so did estate agents’ fees and that is a substantial cost.  We were looking at around £2000 to sell with an estate agent, a cost which would’ve been added to the mortgage. A friend of mine told me he had advertised with HouseWeb for a little over £100 and had sold his flat within a couple of weeks so we thought it had to be worth a try.  We lived on a main road so we ordered a For Sale Board sign to go up outside – we knew we would get a lot of interest from that.

We did have reservations – it seemed too good to be true.  How could we sell our house for £158.99?  But we did and we are very glad we found HouseWeb

Putting the house on HouseWeb was a simple and intuitive process.  We especially liked the main details section and there’s more than enough text space to describe the features of a house. 

We had an agent’s valuation from two years previous and, as we wanted a quick sale, we priced it reasonably and sold for about that figure within about 5 weeks. We probably could’ve got a few thousand more, but we still saved around £1850.

My Tips for a successful sale -

·         Keep pestering all estate agents and solicitors involved as it’s the only way things move forward. 

·         Try to stay calm.  It’s tough but as soon as you’re in the new house all the bad things that have happened up to that point are forgotten.  I remember our first night here.  It was hard to believe that we had finally moved in but it was such a relief.

I would say to anyone thinking of using an agent “Try HouseWeb first!  Honestly, I have”

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