HouseWeb Testimonials

“We stood to save thousands! – and did - £4,000”
Terry and Eve Humphries from West Sussex
told us…

 “We loved our house, we’d lived there almost 25 years, but we needed to downsize. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a garden more than a hundred feet long were great when our sons were at home, but…     

We hadn’t sold privately before, but friends of ours had sold this way, and we thought let’s give it a try. There was an article in the press which featured HouseWeb. So we looked them up on the net, liked what we saw, and as soon as we knew how little it cost, decided to go ahead. We stood to save thousands! – and did - £4000. 

And as for HouseWeb? They were always very helpful. 

Hints and tips….. 

·         Take extra care with the photographs (especially if you’re a novice with a camera.) 

·         If like us, you haven’t bought and sold for a long time. Be ready for reams of paper work.”

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