HouseWeb Testimonials
“My tip for selling privately - use a good site, like this one!"
Julie Bottazzi, Walthamstow

“We needed to move house as our young children were approaching school age and we wanted to be in an area with better schools.

Two people on our road had sold their houses privately in the past six months and it seemed to make sense - paying around £100 rather than several thousand to sell! Estate agents in our area were charging around 1.75%, which seemed extreme.

We considered a few private sales sites but chose HouseWeb because the site had had very good reviews in the Telegraph and looked as if it had more tools & information than some of their competitors. Setting up the advert was straightforward and speedy - no problems at all. We sold very quickly - I think the advert went live at the end of March and we had completed on the purchase by the end of July! We managed to save £4,000! We had the house on with an agent as well as HouseWeb but he was utterly unscrupulous. 

Our buyers wanted to renegotiate after their homebuyer's report, which was a bit tricky, but looking back, it wasn't really too stressful to do it myself. I wouldn't use an agent again. Even the one I thought was from a reputable nationwide company turned out to be a charlatan. There's no need for the bloodsucking leeches! 

My advice to anyone thinking of selling privately - research the subject inside out and use a good site, like this one.”

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