HouseWeb Testimonials

“I got my buyer within 14 days!” 

Ruth Valentine from London  

“I moved out of the flat and rented it five years ago because I needed more space. I then decided to extend it by building up another storey, and sell it.  The idea was to clear the mortgage on my house as well as the flat and have more time for my work as a writer.

I'd had the flat with an agent for about a month and people were viewing but nothing was happening.  A friend said she'd been told that more buyers were looking on the web.  I thought I had very little to lose so looked on the web for a private sales site and HouseWeb came up.

Putting the ad together was all straightforward except for sizing the photos.  So I emailed them to HouseWeb and they uploaded the photos for me.

It took a month to sell my property, i.e. for me to accept an offer, but the buyers first contacted me two weeks after the advert went live on the site.

Selling privately using HouseWeb saved me £6,500 in estate agent fees. I actually sold for  £5,000 less than their valuation but I still ended up saving £1,500

The advantage of showing people round yourself is that you make real contact with them and establish a less distant relationship”.

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