HouseWeb Testimonials

“An excellent site and phone service!”

Rachel Knight from Warwickshire 

“I decided to sell my home to raise some money to spend 6 months in France.

A neighbour suggested I try to sell privately, and the estate agents fees seemed to incorporate a lot of overheads that would not be relevant to us. Once we looked into what was involved, I had no reservations at all. 

Before selecting HouseWeb I started with a cheaper option on another site, and found that their software had so many bugs, which just seemed to escalate when they so-called ‘fixed them’, that I decided to go for a company who had been established for a long time – HouseWeb! 

I found it relatively easy to input my house details on the site. I recall that when I did need some help, the phone back up service was excellent.

I sold the house within a couple of months. From first putting it on HouseWeb to completion it took 4 months. I got valuations from agents and sold for the highest valuation, which was over £4,500 more than the lowest, plus I saved about £3,000 by selling privately.  

The whole process of selling without an agent was much less stressful as I felt in control and had no one else to blame! 

If you like trying things for yourself, and want to save the money, give HouseWeb a go.  Try and find others that have experience in selling privately for tips and advice. Don’t over-value – you’ll only be wasting your time. Keep descriptions concise, but detailed. Above all, be honest in your description - point out the downsides as well as the up.  You will save wasted viewings.

Generally an excellent site, and as stated, phone service is excellent.”


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