HouseWeb Testimonials

“Try HouseWeb first! You've got nothing to lose and lots to gain!”     

Mark Thompson from Derbyshire 

“We decided to advertise on the internet as we knew it was easier. As we were in no real rush to sell it seemed like a win-win situation...if it sold we saved money and if it didn't we hadn't lost anything and we might have gain in an increase in selling price. 

We searched on Google for a place to advertise the house and the HouseWeb web site seemed the best looking and most professional. It also had several houses listed locally and was very reasonably priced. 

We found the process of putting our house on the site easy. The format was very simple and the Customer Services was better than we would have received through an agent. It took us around four weeks to sell. 

Using HouseWeb saved us around £2,000, but would have been £2,500 but we paid our son who actually dealt with getting the house advertised and sold. Better to give money to family then strangers!

The whole process was much less stressful than using an estate agent. 


I would recommend you give HouseWeb a try before going anywhere else. It’s not hard work at all and you can save so much money.  

After letting HouseWeb know the house had sold, my son received a call from Customer Services.  My son said she was very polite and very happy that we had sold the house, almost happier then we were he said!! Many thanks to HouseWeb for their services and good luck for the future.”  

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