HouseWeb Testimonials

“How satisfying and simple it was to sell privately!” 

Jennifer Deere from Wales 

“We wanted a bigger property and went to view a house which was for sale through HouseWeb. The vendor was very positive about selling privately and she had done it before. We felt that using an Estate Agent was very expensive and after researching into about 7 Estate Agents we could find no advantages to using any of them. 

We decided to use HouseWeb, primarily looking at cost against the level (or lack) of service offered by estate agents in our area. I felt there was no benefit to spending roughly £3,000 to use an estate agent.  

We had several agents value the house and sold it between valuations (£5,000 more than some valued it and £5,000 less than others) but I'm confident we got market value as I had researched house prices in our area using the Land Registry and knew what properties had sold for recently. We saved £3,482 in fees! 

My tips to people about to market their property are:   

·         Sell your house before you look at others as it gives you better bargaining power.

·      Get a good solicitor as they will move along the sale of your property (estate agents don't, despite what they say).

·       If you still want to use an estate agent, ask to view a property they are marketing already to see if you are happy with their service.

·      Get several valuations from estate agents and do research in to what houses actually sold for in your area (not what they were marketed at) before you decide on a value.”

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