HouseWeb Testimonials

We sold two properties within two weeks!”   

Peter and Maggie Zimmermann from Hertfordshire 

“It has always been our dream to live in Derbyshire - we love the Peak District and it is near to all our relations. For me, (Maggie) it is the nearest I can get to going home! 

We decided to put both our properties on the market. This was the first time we tried to sell privately. The article in 'Which' magazine gave us the confidence to try it. The article looked into private house sales and recommended HouseWeb. 

Putting the advert together was easy. We struggled a bit with uploading photos but HouseWeb Customer Services were there to help. 

Within days of the adverts going live we had an offer on one of the property, but we turned it down as it was unrealistic but then we shortly after accepted offers on the two properties. The process took just over two weeks and we saved ourselves at least £7,000.   

Our tips to fellow vendors would be: 

  •  Advertise it on the web first, just to give it a go. The cost is minute in comparison with estate agent fees. What is there to lose?
  • Use HouseWeb guidelines on showing people round, safety precautions, making decisions on price brackets beforehand, negotiating, etc. These gave us more confidence and worked well for us.
  • Thoroughly clean and tidy your house before advertising. Weed the garden. Take good photos. Get someone good with words to help or check your house details. Be positive. Smile a lot.

The advice on “Negotiating” on the HouseWeb site gave us the confidence not to accept the first offer, even if it was within our price bracket. We negotiated both our properties up by using the simple method recommended by HouseWeb. Both times we gave ourselves plenty of time, suggested a higher figure, were ready to split the difference or even accept the original offer if necessary. Both times the buyer offered more.”

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