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Thanks again for such a professional and efficient service!   

Christina Hoaran, from Gloucestershire 

I thought about selling privately when I felt that the agent was not reaching enough buyers. I had slight reservations as I  thought that it could not be easy. I decided to use HouseWeb having read a report on "selling house privately" in Which magazine. 

I found the whole process of putting the flat on HouseWeb relatively simple. I sold the property within 3 weeks of advertising and saved 1,500 on estate agents fees. I managed to sell the property for more than the valuation. Selling privately gave me the extra slack to reduce the price slightly for a quick sale. 

The whole process was much less stressful than using an estate agent, as I felt that I was more in control. The estate agents, though very nice, were not as thoughtful when showing people around the property, for example not always turning lights off, not alerting me as to whether the carpet could do with a hoover. They even left a window open once. Maybe not in their remit but one needs to show a property at its best as much as possible. 

I  would definitely suggest  people to give selling privately through HouseWeb a go first,  before giving an estate agent a whole heap of money.  The web really does reach a wider range of househunters. 

The only hints and tips for people are the usual ones: clean all the windows, tidy up the garden, sweep up leaves, make the house look loved and lived in. Even if the house is empty it can still be staged with minimal effort and maximum effect; a mirror here, a rug there, the odd lamp or chair. Something to take the blandness out of an empty room. Let the buyer see what it could look like, so they can envisage living there. 

I was astounded that people had not seen the property in the local papers, so obviously they find it easier and quicker to look on the web after work and in the comfort of their own home. The site is very good, but if you are as stupid as me, there extremely patient and efficient staff on hand to talk you through any problems that may occur. For example, somehow I had lost potential buyer telephone no. the staff found it and called me back within 5 mins with the details.  The process of selling is made very simple and one is even alerted when to renew the ad if required. I am a very satisfied customer of HouseWeb and I am happy to sing their praises and recommend their services to anyone.

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