HouseWeb Testimonials

We estimated that we saved 10,000 overall by selling using HouseWeb!   

David Wakelin, Worcestershire 

We decided to sell privately as we felt that the local Estate Agents were somewhat inflexible and that their cost was far too high for the service they were offering. As we had used the internet to find properties when we last moved, we thought that trying to sell privately on the web would be a good option at least for a short while, the cost was negligible considering the cost of an estate agent. 

We searched the web and felt that HouseWeb offered the best package for what we were trying to achieve. 

It took us about 3 months to completion although an offer was accepted within 4 weeks. We saved  5,000 in fees alone but as we put the house on the market for higher than Estate Agents, we estimated that we saved 10,000 overall. 

The whole process was far less stressful and much easier to control than using an agent.

We would recommend that you ensure your details are as professional as possible and that you use as many room photos as possible.

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