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The HouseWeb website is user friendly, easy to navigate and the helpline is excellent!” 

Tim Coleman told us about selling his renovation project in Lincolnshire. 

“We were involved in the renovation of this property for our son and did not live in it. This was the first time we decided to sell privately, and as we are familiar with the internet we had set up our own website to sell the house however we needed a specialist internet private sales website to help us get wide exposure. 

We looked at a number of websites and spoke to some property sellers on these websites before choosing HouseWeb. 

We decided to try to sell privately at the same time as using an agent and found it easier via HouseWeb as the Agents were arrogant AND took one month to provide a suitable brochure with correct spelling and suitable pictures. In fact, their pictures were so poor we insisted they use ours plus our wording as they made so many spelling errors!!!   

The house had been valued by an agent at £350,000 and we sold for £348,800, so pretty close and altogether we saved £3,074 by selling privately which represents 0.75% of the selling price. 

If you are unhappy about dealing directly with a potential purchaser, an Estate Agent can take away this pressure, however all this comes at a cost and when you analyse the process as we have just done - you do most of the work for the agent anyway. 

The HouseWeb website is user friendly, easy to navigate, offers a choice of pictures to view on each property and the helpline is excellent. Setting up our advert was very easy with fast, valuable assistance from HouseWeb. 

We will use it again and recommend it as a positive selling experience”.

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