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“Jo saved a massive £14,000 in fees and sold her country house near Shrewsbury with little effort

“I move house fairly frequently, because I like change! Initially, I put the house on with an agent, but when it didn't sell quickly, I decided to try and do it privately.

This was the first time I'd sold privately and I did have one reservation - whether a house of such high a value, just under £1m, would attract purchasers other than through an agent.

I looked on the Internet and decided to use HouseWeb and Homes-online. In fact, I needn't have used homes-online, as Houseweb adverts are uploaded to that site anyway as part of their Deluxe package! 

Putting the house on HouseWeb was easy. The site is very user friendly, and it's great that you get a reminder a few days before the advert has to be renewed

I actually sold the house twice as the first time it fell through. Initially, it took about 8 weeks, then after it fell through, about a further week.  I saved a massive £14,000 in fees.

By all means, use an estate agent but it really isn't necessary, as long as you use common sense if selling privately. Plus, it’s no more stressful than using an agent. 

I would advise everyone to make sure you know who is coming to view. Get a name, address and landline phone number. Don't allow more than two adults and two children to view at any one time. Don't let them split up when they go round, and its always worthwhile asking their position vis a vis ability to proceed.” 


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