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Advertised on HouseWeb on Sunday sold the following Wednesday!

When my partner got a new job working at an investment bank it meant early starts, so we decided to move to London as our social life was going out of the window with the early commutes. 

We did an internet search on selling privately as we needed to save as much money as possible due to higher property prices in London and little return on our investment in our current property. HouseWeb came up as one of the better ones and the internet sites they connect to, like Fish4 and Propertyfinder meant we would get a wide audience.  With the rise in commuting and relocation the internet is a big tool for finding property in other areas.

We put our advert on HouseWeb on Sunday 15th and sold Wednesday 18th January!

Saved approximately 5,500, compared to the cost of using an agent. Plus, we sold for 2,000 more than the agent valued it at! 

Its definitely worth trying to sell privately if you are prepared to put a little effort into your descriptions and take good photos. Its all in the presentation. 

To sell quickly you need to spend some time clearing away all clutter, cleaning your home and putting away as many personal belongings as possible.  Spend a little money on a few plants.  If you have a fire light it, no matter what time of year! Arrange showings to fit with the prospective buyers if possible as they usually have to set time aside as well. Be honest. 

As property is getting more and more expensive, estate agents are reaping the rewards for very little work on their part. The more competition they have, the more likely it is they will be forced to drop their charges. Everything we have done, apart from taking the pictures and writing up the description we would have done anyway. Estate Agents will rapidly become a thing of the past if we're lucky. 

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