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We sold in 6 weeks and saved 3,000! 

"We were looking to move to a bigger, detached property and decided to try to sell privately in conjunction with using an agent. We had no reservations about the internet, and we chose to use HouseWeb as it was so simple to join, the cost was very reasonable and there was lots of helpful advice.


We sold through HouseWeb within 6 weeks and saved over 3,000. I would recommend anyone to look at selling privately. Its so easy! All the agents seem to do for their money is communicate between buyers when there is a chain. One thing I would say though if you are trying to sell privately as well as through an agent is to check your contract to ensure you do NOT have to also pay their commission if you get a buyer direct. My estate agent tried to say we would still have to pay him even if they did not find our buyer. He was not too pleased that I would not put his sign up!


It was much less stressful  and quicker selling this way than using an agent as I was in direct contact with my buyers, communication was a lot easier especially as I could sort out the solicitors queries.


My advice to someone new to private selling is to set your asking price a bit higher so that you can negotiate, work out what the lowest price you will accept is, and once you have a sale look around for conveyancers, as there can be hidden charges with them. Remember, they dont need to be a local firm as so much can be done by email and post."


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