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ďWe sold in 3 weeks and saved £6,000!Ē

It was a slightly unusual situation as I was acting as the executor of a will. I wanted to save the beneficiaries as much as possible so decided to have a go at selling privately.

We chose HouseWeb after reading a survey in a national newspaper, which rated their services highly and we found the site very easy to use. Itís important to give an accurate description of the property, and donít pretend itís something itís not as you donít want to waste anyoneís time, including your own. Make sure you clearly state its good points.

After only 3 weeks we accepted an offer very close to the asking price and saved about £6,000 in fees. I would advise anybody to sell privately - you only need one buyer!

We were very pleased with the site, the process and the service throughout.

Thanks for your help HouseWeb!


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