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“We saved £6,000 by selling privately!”

 We weren't looking to move house, however we heard a local property was about to go on the market with a large garden and lots of potential, so we snapped it up.

 This was the first time that we had sold privately, but after reading an article in the Times about private selling we did some research into dedicated websites and HouseWeb came out top.  

We didn't feel uncomfortable about discussing offers with potential buyers. I work from home, so I could be available for viewings. Plus, who better to talk about your house than you! It was much less stressful than using an agent.

 We decided on the asking price by getting valuations from three local agents and we saved ourselves about £6,000. 

The majority of people interested in our property loved dealing direct with us. Just put people at ease and make sure you explain that the process is the same - you're just cutting out the middle man (we had someone who was concerned that we wouldn't be using a solicitor for the sale)! 

I've always felt that dealing with house sales through a third party (an estate agent) creates an uncomfortable relationship with your buyer! Dealing direct means any minor changes to dates and details are sorted quickly and calmly. You can always ask for a small deposit if you want someone to back up their offer. 

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