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This was the first time I had sold privately!  

Clive Ketteridge told us about selling a second home which he had been letting.

“We had been letting the house for five years and when the last tenant moved out we decided to sell up.

This was the first time I had sold privately but I did buy and sell our house in 1994 using the absolute minimum of solicitor and agent input. You have to use a solicitor at the point where money changes hands other than that I did the searches and all other work myself.  

The agent wanted to charge me over £5,000 which I couldn’t justify for their work, so I decided to do without them and sell privately.

I searched the web for house advertisers and I thought the HouseWeb package was good value. I took the top package (Deluxe Virtual Tour) and bought a For Sale sign.

It was very easy to put the advert together online and the Virtual Tour and photographs were completed quickly.

It only took three months to sell, but I purposely went with a high price at first, which probably reduced the interest.  

I would advise anyone thinking of using an agent to try selling privately first. I would definitely sell privately again.

There are lots of hints or tips which I’d like to pass on to people who are thinking of selling privately.

Consider supplementing the Web advert with Local Adverts in the press and buy a FOR SALE sign. HouseWeb provided me with an individual professional For Sale Board sign for a small supplementary fee.  

Make sure you put information relevant to the buyer in your advert. For example, our buyer was a family and having added local school knowledge turned out to be key to the sale.

Do the House Doctor thing! Spend a few pounds on paint and neutralise the decor. Give the house a good spring clean. Keep the garden tidy. The less people have to do when the move in the better. Don't act like an estate agent when showing people around, people want information but do not generally like being sold to.

If someone asks you to drop the price, ask them to do the same to speed up the chain.”


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