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When the agents said things were slow, we were still getting plenty of enquiries from our Houseweb advert!

Elaine Booth told us how easy it was to sell her house privately.

My partner and I had decided to relocate to Wiltshire and although I had previously moved house three times using estate agents, this was the first time we had sold privately,

Wed had a buyer pull out at the last minute and looked like losing the house we wanted to buy so I was exploring all avenues from multi-agency, auction and internet. I had no reservations about selling privately as it seemed very little money to lose in the big scheme of things and much to be gained.

I came across HouseWeb on an Internet search and I was convinced it was worth a try, as it answered all the questions I had and offered some positive ideas I had not considered. 

Creating the advert was incredibly easy, as was adding the photos which I was dreading as I am not a particularly technical person, but the instructions seemed to be written in simple terms, idiot-proof!

 We offered our house at a competitive price and got lots of interest - in the end people were fighting over it!  

It doesn't do any harm to run an agent alongside your private sale as they can give feedback and also give market trends, but we found the times the agents said things were slow we were still getting plenty of enquiries from our Houseweb advert. 

Although there is no 'easy' way to sell a house, one of the key stresses is the money involved and to see a saving like this was fantastic - plus the short time it took to submit my details, include photos and then do the viewings I realise how overpriced the agents fees really are!


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