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“We got an extra £5,000 PLUS the £6,000 which we saved by not giving it to an agent.”

Mrs Renders from Wilmslow, in Cheshire about her experience

“We thought about selling privately at the beginning of 2004.  But, because we did not quite know how to go about it, we gave the sale to an estate agent.  We had the house for sale for 4 months and were about to accept an offer when, for medical reasons, we had to take the house off the market.  Since we had not even given the agent our keys and we had done all the viewing ourselves, we decided we could do it alone.  At that time we had seen an article in the Mail on Sunday recommending private sales and HouseWeb was mentioned as one of the best and one of the most experienced. 

The process of putting the house on your site was extremely easy and speedy. The first couple who viewed it made an offer straight away.  After that we got another 8 viewers, 4 of which were extremely interested, 2 of which were 'fighting' with the first couple to get the house (which was good for us because we could up the price a bit).  

The house was first valued between £460,000 and £480,000.  We thought we could do better, since a similar house in our road was valued at £495,000 and that house needed a lot of work to it.  The first time our house went on the market (through the agent) for £525,000 and we accepted an offer for £520,000.  When we put our house on HouseWeb we asked for £549,950 and have now accepted £525,000.  The first time we said that the price was non negotiable, but experience has taught us that people want to have a 'bargain'.  So, second time round, through HouseWeb, we got an extra £5,000 PLUS the £6,000 which we saved by not giving it to an agent. 

It was much less stressful through your site than through the agent.  For example, the agents phoned us every time somebody was NOT interested and gave us the reason.  I'd rather not know that.  Actions speak louder than words:  if a person does not come back for a second viewing, then he is not interested, it's as simple as that. 

I recommend going to an agent and get an estimate of what the house is worth.  Or look around in your area and establish the price yourself.  You don't need an agent to do that.  Dig up an old description from the house you bought and are living in now (that's what we did) and as some of the information will be useful for your own description. Be honest with measurements of the rooms and land. 

We found the site extremely user friendly.  The Customer Service was phenomenal - I sent an email to them on the Saturday evening 6 o'clock and got a response within the hour!  How good is that!!! 

 Thank you again -  it was a most pleasurable experience for a tiny fraction of the cost of an estate agent!!  I save a whopping £6,000.”


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