HouseWeb Testimonials

“HouseWeb is good value for money - we spent £150 and saved over £3,500 in Estate Agents fees" 

Lee Bateup from Wiltshire told us about selling his home: 

We’d had a baby and needed a larger home and when I thought about how little estate agents did for their money and how little they knew about selling…or houses…or people we decided to sell privately.

 I decided to use HouseWeb as I had used the site to look for property to buy and I saw several properties of the type I was selling. I felt it was good value for money.

 I was, however, concerned that I could waste £150, but this seemed a small risk to take and as it turned out it was as we managed to save £3,750 by not using an agent, less the £150 for the HouseWeb advert.

 Putting the advert on the site was very straightforward indeed – although I am quite computer literate, you didn’t need to be. My tip would be to include lots of pictures, which worked for us. I’d even advocate spending a bit of money with a professional photographer, to make the best of the advert. 

We didn’t find it any more stressful than using an agent – we did have more control over the viewing schedule and more chance of getting feedback from the viewers. You can always use an estate agent as well if you like – just make sure there is a clause in the contract that they can’t claim payment for property sold privately. They may complain, but they aren’t going to turn you away.


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