HouseWeb Testimonials

“The internet changes everything". Bad news for estate agents; good news for me!”   

Mark Sutherland of Yorkshire told us about selling his home on HouseWeb:

 “I wanted to move to Yorkshire to be nearer some great landscapes for my photography business. I had tried to sell last year with two different agents, but failed, so I took it off the market and did some decorating over the winter months with the intention of trying again in the spring. This was the first time I had sold privately and I really didn’t have any reservations, as I knew I couldn’t do any worse than the agents had done!

I decided to use HouseWeb in preference to any other site as the Deluxe package was a major selling point for me. Putting the house on HouseWeb’s site was quick and easy. I would recommend other people looking to sell privately to have some good photographs that will attract attention on the website. Also, run an advertisement in your local paper with the details including your unique HouseWeb web address. There are good deals to be had and you’ll get better coverage than with an agent for a fraction of the price.

 I saved £3,300 by not using an Estate Agent plus it was less stressful, as I was in better control and knew exactly how it was going in terms of enquiries and viewings. It only took about six weeks from when I first advertised the house to agreeing a sale.

As Larry Ellison, the CEO of US giant Oracle, said “the internet changes everything”. Bad news for estate agents; good news for me!

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