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We saved about £2,000 and a lot of hassle!
Simone from London told us. 

“I had had a few dealings with estate agents and could not get over how much they charged to basically boss you around and treat you like an idiot.  I’d bought the flat without an estate agent and it was really easy - I was able to get more information straight from the seller and there was a lot more trust built up.  So, I was relaxed about selling privately - the only reservation was that I had not done it before but it could not have been an easier process.   

I wanted to sell the flat so that I could buy a bigger place with my partner. My friends recommended HouseWeb as they had sold their place on the site a few months earlier.

I had only had the flat on HouseWeb’s site for a week when the person who eventually bought it came for a viewing - she made me an offer the following week.  We did use agents for a valuation but they all inflated their prices so much that I didn't believe them.  I added a bit onto what my friend had sold his for, a few months back, and sold it with very little bargaining needed. The whole  process only took about 3 months. We saved about £2,000 and a lot of hassle. 

Selling privately was interesting and a bit stressful at time because if things went wrong there was no-one else to blame!  But nothing went wrong and I think that was because I had a very trustworthy buyer and I communicated a lot with them to ensure they knew what was going on. I told them the pros and cons of the property up front, so that they didn't feel like they were investing in something they knew nothing about.  I think having an estate agent involved would have made me much more stressed as he/she would have been telling me what to say/not say all the time. The other thing I liked about the HouseWeb site was that you can keep renewing your advert without having to pay - it makes me feel like my money was well spent and keeps the advert available for the buyer to access as and when they wanted.

I would advise anyone against using an agent, unless you really think that selling your home will be difficult.  Better to spend your money on a reliable solicitor and organise the sale yourself.  Estate agents just make a simple sale more complicated and don't allow you to establish a relationship with your buyer.  

My hints for a successful private sale would be:- 

  • Fix up your place so it looks good and then advertise on HouseWeb.  
  • Once you've got a buyer, don't lose them! 
  • Try to get a few quotes on your flat from local agents and then set a price and work out how much you would be willing to bargain.
  • Establish a good method of communication with your buyer and keep them informed each time there are any changes or movements in the sale.  Reply to their questions and don't hide things that will delay your sale later on"

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