HouseWeb Testimonials

“The HouseWeb site is operated in such an efficient manner it almost defies description”
William Burns from Lancashire told us .

“I wanted to sell up and move to be to nearer my friends and family, but after 17 months on the market with the local estate agent I’d had no offers and decided it was time for drastic action. I had a good re-think and it was at that point that I started to consider ditching the agent and having a go at selling it myself. I chose HouseWeb because the website was so appealing, selected the Platinum package at £199 which included the For Sale Board and put the advert together myself– all very simple. 

Having spent 17 months with an agent it took only 6 weeks with HouseWeb to get to the point where I’d accepted an offer. Looking back I think the agent had over-valued my property to get my custom. I fell into their trap, so would advise anyone who is frustrated at the lack of viewings their agent is generating, to give HouseWeb a try and keep your asking price realistic. I might have sold for less than their valuation, but I got my sale and saved £6,000 in agent’s fees. 

The HouseWeb site is operated in such an efficient manner, it almost defies description.  It is a totally stress free experience. I would not hesitate to either recommend it or use it again in the future.”

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