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“Thank you for your help and excellent service!”
Kate Field told us how she found selling using HouseWeb.

When I first considered moving, I researched the different options for selling privately. I'm on a very tight budget and didn't want to pay thousands for an estate agent. I was concerned about handling legal stuff but when I realised that wasn't something estate agents did, it set my mind at rest.
I reviewed all the different websites available and HouseWeb was the clearest and easiest. It was also competitively priced. The process of putting my house on HouseWeb was really easy. The guides and tips helped a lot and luckily I had kept my estate agent house details from when I bought my house so I used those as a guide.
I selected the “Platinum” package as it included a For Sale Board and I knew that I would get enquiries from the board, which I certainly did.
I sold the house very quickly,  I think it was less than 6 weeks. Unfortunately my board was delayed because of the postal strike. If it had come on time, I think I would have sold even more quickly.
By using HouseWeb rather than an estate agent I have probably saved in the region of £1,300-2,000.
I found the whole process of selling privately enjoyable and not in the least stressful, I
did enjoy the experience of selling privately.
Be realistic when advertising your home, consider the market & how quickly houses in your area seem to sell. Also you have to be a people person and be able to allocate some time for viewings. The more flexible you can be the more chance of a quick offer. It is also extremely important to have some good photos of your property. 

I was really glad that I chose HouseWeb as the level of help and support was fantastic, I'd certainly recommend HouseWeb. I just wanted to say thank you for your help and excellent service. I also noticed that someone else on my road has just posted their house with you - seems like the message is spreading!

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