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“It was definitely easier to sell privately!”
Sally and Bill Smith from Yorkshire tell us about their fourth private sale. 

”We’ve been living in London for many years now but are originally from the South West, and have long wanted to move back home to Cornwall. So, when the time seemed right to leave, we put the house up for sale, the fourth that we’ve sold without the help of an estate agent. It was the first time we’d used HouseWeb though, and we decided to give them a go after seeing one of their “For Sale” boards on a nearby road.  

The web site was easy to use and we chose the most comprehensive advert package, the Platinum at £199, mainly for the 20 photos and the personalised board, which was definitely the right thing to do as the Board did generate additional enquiries.  

We had the house valued by an agent, then reduced the price by £2,500 from valuation because we had no agent fees to pay. We had to reduce further to get the sale but that seems about right for today's market and sold within 7 months and saved just under £4,000. 

It was definitely easier to sell privately. No frustrations or irritations and we dealt directly with all viewers. We have dealt with estate agents before, tried 3 over 18 months when selling Dad's house then tried ourselves online and sold in 3 months. I really think agents are a waste of time, though I do think you need self confidence when selling privately particularly when doing the viewings and negotiating on price. Its always best we find to work as a pair in those situations, and it also helps if you are honest and upfront, don't hide defects, are open and friendly but keep it businesslike for the money side of things.

HouseWeb has been brilliant. When we had problems with editing our advert, HouseWeb stepped in and made the changes for me quickly and efficiently. We have bought our new house through a private sales website, which we advertised on simultaneously, but that advert got only one bite, whereas the HouseWeb one got 6 viewings!”

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