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“It’s a great way to sell a house – we will be spending the money saved on a months holiday in the Far-East !”
Mr and Mrs Harman told us how they sold their sold their home in the UK through HouseWeb and moved to a dream home abroad.
”We’d being thinking of selling up and moving to the sun for some time, but hadn’t thought about trying to sell privately until we came across a couple of articles in the press about how easy and cheap it is to do. There were two specific write-ups  I recall, one in  Which? Magazine and another in the Sunday Times or Daily Mail, both praising HouseWeb highly, so we had no reservations about giving it a try.

We had a good idea of what the house was worth but got an agent in just to double check. We actually sold for that amount, to the first couple who viewed and saved about £5,000 in estate agents fees. I would certainly advise anyone thinking of using an agent not to – it’s cheaper, easy and less stressful to sell it yourself.

Putting an advert on HouseWeb’s site is so easy and I would certainly recommend having a 'For Sale' board outside as we had several people actually knocking on the door desperate to move ASAP. They all seemed genuine enough and no dodgy types. 

The only minor problem with a DIY sale is that you have to deal with everything yourself and cannot take holidays if you are in a hurry to sell. We know we missed out on a few viewings when we were away but as we were not to desperate for a sale, we weren’t too worried about that. I guess the ideal would be to get a friend to cover any viewings for you when you take holidays.  

Overall selling on the internet is highly recommended. We have now sold  and exchanged contracts. It’s a great way to sell a house – we will be spending  the money saved on a months holiday in the Far-East. Will send you a postcard, if I remember!”

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