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“The process of putting my advert on the site was enjoyable and straightforward!” Martin Vintner-Jackson, Hertfordshire 

“My last property was very beautiful and unique and the agents had trouble finding interest. Using an online mechanism was a sensible option. I did not have an exclusive arrangement and knew any exposure would help me achieve the required end, a successful sale.

Having looked at a few candidates that I found on the web - HouseWeb seemed easy to use and straightforward, it offered a level of market penetration, and a degree of personal security. The process of putting my advert on the site was enjoyable and straightforward. 

The property had been on with an agent for two and a half years and with HouseWeb just over a year. 

Using HouseWeb saved me a great amount of money,  it could be the  cost of a medium size family car, the deposit for a flat or the rent on a three bedroom house for over a year-take your pick. Thousands. 

I did sell the house for more than it had been valued by the agents - but to be fair after two and a half years I had the property independently revalued, put the price up on the web and found a buyer almost immediately who settled for 95% of this new price.

The process of selling privately was not in the slightest stressful and the legal process was straightforward and progressed at a comfortable speed. I must stress I was not in a chain and had moved into a rental while I looked around for a new house. Also my buyers where charming and very sensible.

It is your home and more importantly it is your money, you should receive as much of it yourself so I would recommend trying HouseWeb first.

While it is straightforward doing it DIY, it is not for everyone and some people will still use an agent, but remember you are paying them thousands of pounds out of your hard earned equity.

To anyone thinking of selling privately I would recommend the following:

  • Tell the truth in the details.
  • Give it the time it needs
  • Spend time on the details and the pictures
  • If you cannot take a good picture pay someone to do it.
  • Manage the enquiries professionally and promptly
  • Negotiate fairly and sensibly
I was pleasantly surprised at how responsive HouseWeb were when I did have a hiccup or a problem, and found Ariane in Customer Services charming and helpful.”

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