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“We sold within a week to the first couple who viewed!”

Marilyn and David Markman told us how they left England to live the dream in France….. 

“We first thought about selling the flat privately in January and we had no reservations about going it alone, without an agent, as we had friends who had sold their house in Uxbridge using HouseWeb and told us how successful it was. 

We have had property in France for 18 years, but ten years ago we bought a farmhouse which we wanted to make our permanent home. I am 69 and my husband is 58 and disabled - in England we lived in a 1st floor flat so, we decided now was the time to live our dream in France and move to the farmhouse. So we sold the flat in England with HouseWeb’s help and now live in a three bedroomed house with a large garden and swimming pool which costs us less than living in England.

We didn’t bother getting a valuation from an estate agent, as it was very easy to value the flat ourselves, being guided by the price of other flats in our block. It was certainly less stressful than using an estate agent and we were sold within a week, saving about £2,555 in estate agents fees! I found it very easy to put the advert together and we had many enquiries through the site but sold to the first couple who viewed as they were first time buyers and made an offer which we accepted. 

My advice to anyone selling a property would be try HouseWeb first, present it well, clean and uncluttered and stress the good points of the situation i.e. good shops, transport connections and schools.”

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