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“My partner saw an article in a magazine - Houseweb just looked the best!"

Vicki Robinson told us about her first experience of selling privately. 

“We were living in a one bedroom flat, and needed to move to somewhere bigger. My partner saw an article in a magazine about people who had sold privately so we decided to give it a go. There were three companies listed in the magazine - Houseweb just looked the best, so we decided to go with them. 

It was easy putting the advert together and we had a couple of viewings early on. It went quiet over Christmas but in February we had an offer which unfortunately fell through, then in April we got two offers and we had to juggle with two prospective buyers  We had two estate agent valuations -  one felt we could get about £136,000, the other thought maybe £140,000.  We sold for £139,000 and saved about £1,400 in fees. 

My advice to people selling privately would be:-

Don’t appear desperate when you have people viewing, and make people think there are other people interested in your property.  Be prepared for it not to go strictly to plan! Try not to be too disappointed though when things don’t go to plan as it will all sort itself out in the end.”

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