HouseWeb Testimonials

“My two estate agents were disastrous whilst HouseWeb saved me £6,400”      

Tim Blower from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk sold his house after using the HouseWeb Deluxe Virtual Tour Package and saved himself £6,400 in the process. 

Tim told us: 

“Cost was the major factor that influenced me to sell privately. The HouseWeb system is well designed, easy to use and very flexible to cater for lots of different needs. They offered the best value for money and the best service. My buyer made me an offer the SAME day they viewed my house!   

Whilst my house was on HouseWeb, I also had two Estate Agents handling my property at the same time, and they were absolutely disastrous. They both sent entirely the wrong people to see the house and wasted countless hours of my time, plus I felt invaded nearly every weekend...the vast majority have absolutely no idea of how to sell a property, and use a 'blunderbuss' approach to marketing (i.e. shoot enough pellets and you are bound to hit something).  After my experience, I will now ALWAYS sell privately.   

I would recommend that you take an enormous amount of care in wording the description of your house.  Remember, NOBODY knows the positive attributes of your home better than you. Use every single photograph and virtual tour that HouseWeb provide – changing them if the season changes so that your house on the web always looks at its very best - remember it is your shop window, and it needs to continually change to draw in that one buyer you are seeking.”

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