HouseWeb Testimonials
“Selling privately saved us around £3,000 in Estate Agent fees!”  
Claire Allen from  Hertfordshire

“ We decided to sell our home as we wanted to have more room.  The house we sold was a small family house.  I was desperate for a kitchen/breakfast room and a garage. 

A friend at work told me her dad had sold his property privately over the internet straight away for £150.   He had been with several estate agents for several months without luck.  I was quite dubious as I thought there would be hidden costs.  Once I did my research by reading your website, I decided that I would advertise through HouseWeb rather than use estate agents.  Why pay estate agents when I knew I was capable of dealing with the viewings and negotiations myself?

After doing some research on the  internet, HouseWeb came up.  It gave good information and good coverage over the internet. The whole process of putting our house on the site was very simple.  
It took about 10 weeks to sell our home. We had one person who was interested but failed to make a booking to view the house, then a woman from Dorset who wanted to move back up to Hertfordshire to be close to her family rang me to view the house as she was so impressed from what she had seen over the internet.  She made an offer after the 2nd viewing.  I feel that it was meant to be.  Whilst the sale was going through, I found my perfect house.  In fact the whole process was very easy.  I am fortunate that the second person who showed interest bought the house.  I know people who have a real tough time selling their property. Selling privately saved us around £3,000 in Estate Agent fees.

We found the whole process less stressful as our experience of  Estate Agents show they can be unreliable.  I’d rather do the job myself.

If you are thinking of using an agent to sell your property I would say, Don’t bother.  Use the internet if you’re confident you can do the work yourself and save yourself thousands!

I was impressed with the reminders sent each month to update the property.  Without these, I would have forgotten to update the situation of the sale.”

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