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“We sold our property three days after the board was erected!”
Jean Edwards told us about selling a house in Cheshire 

“We haven't moved house, Coroners Lane was a property left to the family by my late uncle.  

We asked an estate agent to value our property, but then we decided to try and sell privately because the postcode is a most popular area in Widnes. This was the first time we tried to sell privately. 

We read newspaper reviews and were very impressed with the HouseWeb site. Putting our property on Houseweb was quite straight forward and it was easy to follow the site’s instructions. 

We sold our property within 3 days of putting the board up.  An offer was made slightly under the asking price which we have now accepted. We saved approximately £4,000 by Not using an estate agent and we sold our property for £12,000 more than the agent valued it at. Overall the sale was a lot less stressful than using an estate agent. 

I would advise people not to employ an estate agent. Give Houseweb a try first, it’s worth it to save thousands of pounds. They are extremely helpful and informative.  The Board they provided was excellent.  We sold our property three days after the board was erected.  We requested sold signs which the site provided with no extra cost and they arrived the following day after we requested them. 

The National newspaper reviews definitely sold us this site and were "spot on" with their comments that this is an excellent site.”

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