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“Great site, great service, great price!”
Eoin O'Connor from Kent told us how she found selling privately on HouseWeb. 

“I decided to try to sell privately when local estate agents were introducing people to me, without even viewing the house to determine a price, and would then request 1.5% commission for this. I thought “this must be easy”, so why pay someone else to do it, when I can try it myself. My only reservation was whether or not anyone would be interested and whether I would be able to get the marketing/pricing right. 

I decided to use HouseWeb after reading some reviews on selling your home privately and HouseWeb came up as a highly recommended site (Which? review) 

I found the process of putting my advert on HouseWeb very easy – I actually had time to take good photos of my house and take time to write a thorough description – much better than some underexposed photos & poorly written advertisements that you often see from estate agents. 

I managed to sell very quickly, within 2 weeks of having a for sale sign up on my house I had accepted my first offer, which completed in July 2007. I managed to save approximately £2,600.

I found the whole process was less stressful than using an agent, I was in complete control and knew how the purchase was developing and didn’t have to rely on a middle man for communication. 

To anyone thinking of selling I would recommend to try Selling privately first. Why pay loads of money for what is in essence a glamorised introduction service when you can take the time to do a better job yourself? If you don’t have the time to put together an advertisement, show people around your home or have poor interpersonal skills then maybe this isn’t the best option for you; but I feel that in 90% of cases, not using an estate agent will be successful and will save you money. 

Make sure you are patient and polite with the purchaser – be honest and they will appreciate it. If your house has a fault, be upfront about it at is will come out in the survey and the purchaser may lose your trust. Good communication with your purchaser is essential for a successful sale. 

The site was well structured, easy to use, and gave a personal service – providing individual tips on how to improve your advertisement. Great site, great service, great price.”


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