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“Don’t bother with an estate agent – you can do the job yourself!”

Paul Hellyer  told us how he sold his holiday home in Durham. 

“We wanted to sell our holiday home as it was too far away for us to maintain. I decided to sell privately when I was confronted with an impossible and expensive contract that was more or less a blank cheque for the agent and any other agents who may get involved in the area.  

As I had always used agents before, I had a good look around on the internet to find the best private sales site. I found some web agencies to be more like a call centre, impersonal and stroppy. I thought HouseWeb on the other hand was more personal, gracious and civilised. I got good “ hands on” help from their staff. Also their 'For Sale' sign was more eye-catching. A good sign outside the house is a real asset, backing up the website.

I found putting my house details on the site very easy.  I sold my house within two months bridging the Easter period for exactly the amount the agent had estimated, which I thought was about the right price anyway.  

I didn’t find selling privately stressful at all and I know I would have become quickly dissatisfied with non performing money worshiping agents.  

I would advise anyone thinking of selling a property not to bother with an estate agent - you can do the job yourself. I had the help of a neighbour to show prospective buyers around as I didn’t live close enough, but even after paying him a generous commission I still saved approximately £1,000.”


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