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We sold our house from start to completion in under 4 months and saved at least £1,800!”

Andrew Allcock tells us about selling through HouseWeb in order to join forces with his parents in buying a large country house.

“My parents and I had a plan that we would both sell our houses, then buy a bigger house together. After we sold, we moved in with my parents and we are now in the process of selling their house on HouseWeb, then we can start looking for our joint house in the country. He hadn’t sold privately before, but got the idea of doing it when we were looking at houses for sale on HouseWeb. It looked the easiest place to set up to sell our house and it turned out to be no problem at all.

We took an offer of slightly less than that an estate agent had suggested which we thought was a bit high anyway. The house was sold in under 4 months from start to completion and we estimated that we must have saved at least £1,800 by selling on HouseWeb.

The process of selling our house through HouseWeb was less stressful than using an estate agent because we were dealing directly with the buyers and not having to wait for the agents to arrange viewings. We would say to people thinking of selling through an estate agent to definitely try HouseWeb first - you could save a lot of money like we did.

My three tips to offer others selling property are :

Use as many photos as possible and don’t try to hide any faults with camera tricks as you will be found out in the end. 

Use HouseWeb’s For Sale Board as they get noticed by potential buyers driving around the area.

 As long as your house is clean and tidy don’t do extra decorating. It will not add to the price as most will decorate and update to their own taste.”


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