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“We found HouseWeb both helpful and affordable for selling abroad”

Geoffrey Maughan told us how he used HouseWeb to sell a property in Spain.

“My company, International  Homes Ltd, offers a service to people who are trying to sell their foreign properties. With this particular one, the owner was trying to sell his villa in Spain through a Spanish agency, without any success. To complicate matters, he lived in Italy, so he approached us to sell it on his behalf.

This is one of many properties we have sold in Spain, since we were first established in 1986. We are always looking for clients who are having problems elsewhere, either buying or selling -  we can usually help. With this house, we had considered several ways of selling it but  found HouseWeb, who were both helpful and affordable. We valued the property ourselves and set up the advert with help from HouseWeb. 

A Spanish agent would probably have charged at least 5.000 euros to manage the sale of this property, whereas we charged 2.000 euros including our total advertising budget and other expenses, so the client saved about 3000 euros, about £2000 and avoided the stress of dealing with a Spanish agency.”

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